Assured Freshness. No Surprises.

Real time freshness reporting, anywhere in the world, for just a few cents per carton.

The Problem


Fresh Produce is a $600 billion worldwide business that loses 30% of its product from farm to table.


Retailers can’t consistently assure fresh produce quality.  75% of quality and 50% of shelf life is gone before it’s visually apparent.


Food retailers and producers must meet escalating consumer demand for high quality fresh produce from all over the world.

Our proprietary technology allows us to measure freshness in real-time.

Low cost, disposable sensors measure and report temperature, moisture and metabolite data using a proprietary wireless communication system connected to the internet. This information is converted to carton-level product freshness and shelf life assessments essential for effective quality-based purchasing, logistics and merchandising decisions.

FreshSurety is better for your bottom line & the environment

Our technology pays for itself by delivering safer product, higher profits and happier customers with every truckload. By delivering a fresher product, we can lessen food wastage and have a positive impact on the planet.


FreshSurety works anywhere without the need for equipment or infrastructure investment. All data collection, reporting, and analysis is handled automatically in the Cloud. FreshSurety is a service – clients can use as much or as little as needed.

How can we help?

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